Monday, October 12, 2015

What is self improvement for real?


        What is self improvement for real?

 Self improvement? How far can this helping myself really go?

  We know how to feed ourselves after a long day, yet there are some very difficult issues one just cannot keep up with in hard times.

Is it possible to focus on a goal for so long? 

To remember what we focus on at any given time oneself has an advantage over past self issues. Why? Because all of us one time or another strive to improve to a nicer standpoint then one was the day before.

Where are the memory abilities?

With  consistant reflection on your day at the end of the day everyday you become a little better at concentration,
visualization, memory, focus, and imagination.

How do I know what it really takes to manifest any type of improvement?

With that focus must come knowing what it feels like to have accomplished it, be it a nicer car, home life, friends, money, even,
and somewhat decent consistant focus.