Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What to know when self-intending

     What to know when self-intending.

So are there things to have awareness of when planning?

There are a couple things to have in mind.
In order to really be knowledgeable of such things there are these things to be aware of:
1. That knowing the steps it takes for your intention to pan out, you need to know the steps inwardly first.
2. That in order to be successful with your blueprint of action you must be able to bring it into the outer world with action.

Is this all I need to know in order to succeed self wise?

    Yes and no, yes in that you can succeed with consistancy. 
Now if no effort is undertaken, consistant effort with your plan, nothing could possibly come of it.
Now when persistant effort is betaken with inward steps outwordly with patience, it blooms into success. This has been the case with everyone since that morning light started showing its butthole to us long time, long time ago.

How and what is the key then?

In T Harv Eckers book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he states a wealth principle perfectly explaining this, which is as follows pertaining to plans and self-intending:

"The key from the inner world to the outer world is action."

Means literally if you can actually mentally visualize steps you can take to a goal you have your plan pie made for you and you have something like a hop skip and a jump away for your goals accomplishment made fruity, and deliciously achieved, let me repeat it in another way for you:

"Action is the key from the inner world to the outer world."

                                                                                  Till next time,

Friday, August 19, 2016

1 technique that may help with your mind

 1 tip that may help with your mind.

                      what is this one tip that may help with mentality?

Did you know that there is a way for your mind to aid itself in cloakin cloaking itself in better stability?
That is a good thing. The mentality is usually battling to keep itself safe. What a way to combat through this all yah? There is lots of good in the mentality though.

So what could this be?

This could be the one thing that makes it or breaks it, in a lot of situations.
A type of way to know how well your techniques are doing what they got to.
Ya know how strong you are from it from time to time.
In some ways it may support your ability to keep yourself alright.

Here it is:

The way to do this is imagining the scope of your transparency of your body your mind your energy, things like that. This may take time to master. Take your time with it. This becoming start imagining being one with your environment.  


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

reverse phone lookup power

With the power backwards telephone tracking, what could you find out?
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                      Reverse Phone Lookup Power

Why this useful, because it can find who was calling you. Name, address, age.

1 thing you can do to find out who called you,
It's simple, it's called
Or 411.

There ya go.

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From time to time it is necesary to find out who called from the possible abyss.

It is needed sometimes, to know that backtracking to that unkown number could be a lost family member or someone important. In certain cases there is a need for the ability to know and contact back who it could or could naught be. Any ways that you perceive it, it is good to know. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 ways to interpret aphorisms

      3 ways to interpret .

            What are those three ways to understand wise sayings.

1. Understand an aphorism objectively. What does it mean to people and yourself and your higher purpose.

2. Understand it subjectively. Interpret it internally.
What does it mean to you.

3. Figure it out its spiritual meaning. Kind of a tough one. Ask your heart. Your spirit. Etc.etc.

3 ways to interpret aphorisms

      3 ways to interpret aphorisms.

            What are those three ways to understand wise sayings.

1. Understand an aphorism objectively. What does it mean to people and yourself and your higher purpose. There is a way to know what something means in every ones life.  How does a wise quote apply to you in your modern life.

2. Understand it subjectively. Interpret it internally.
What does it mean to you. How does your heart react to different aphorisms?

Listen with your inner ear.
How many more truths and secrets you can hear.
 Your hearts hold many truths and secrets of the universe.

3. Figure it out its spiritual meaning. Kind of a tough one. Ask your heart. Your spirit. Etc.etc.
Through asking ones spirit guides and internal guides one could know what the spiritual  meaning is.
elsewise know as your guardian angels. or ask your spirit and just listen within.

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Ways you can speak better,

What 5 ways can you speak better?

There are unique paths to communication that allow more ease with how you speak.

The five w's of good articulate communication:
The five w's of speaking nicer are a set mental search questions that I have thought about throughout the years. The five w's are:Who,Where,When,What, and Why.
Here is the breakdown of how they apply to better communication.

1. Who.

Knowing and considering who you will and are going to speak to is essential in knowing what needs to be spoken of. When you know who you are in need of addressing, Important or needed, it is wise to know exactly who you will be speaking and communicating with. Knowing who it is and a little background experience is wise in order for good communication to be brought about.


The second w is Where. Considering the environment where you and a person or group of people will and are communicating can greatly influence the road you and your group or person will effectively know what is being spoken. The path in this way is that a solitary area provides more privacy and therefore people can open up easier with communication. Be it a group or another person, this aids in more well spoken exchange of info and more well mapped out communication.


Knowing when a good time to get your message across with a group or another person is vital in knowing the path to take for more receptivity in communication. Nicer times are easier to articulate your message. Everyone has a time to listen and a time to work. Knowledge of a good time to speak is essential.


The ability to know what message to get across at the end of a conversation is helpful in succeeding with your communication. Knowing what you need to speak about before you speak is very         important.The what and knowledge of communicating is good.important in many such debates as with groups of people and another person, be it very 


Purpose. Knowing your purpose in communicating will be of utmost need for success.
purpose can be defined as your "why" of speaking to someone in the first place.
a reason for bringing about a conversation is vital in succeeding in your communication.
Therefore the 'Why" is important.

                                                           -This is Edd Blue.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What to know when planning a goal.

What do you need to know when you plan a goal?

There are a couple of things to be aware of.

1. You must scope out your goals smaller tasks. By doing this you know what the tough ones are and what the easy tasks are in order to accomplish. knowing these essential parts of your goal plan can make it or break it.

Keep it simple.

2.Keep it Simple.  By this I mean keep your steps at a plain easy to understand level to follow.
awareness of how easy a procedure is to accomplish is essential.
strategies that are easy to implement are wondrous.

Make it measurable.

3.Make it measurable. The ability to know the length of a goal times approximate completion motivates us as humans.
When the road to a goals accomplishment is easy to follow strategy wise, we are more at ease with the time goals may take.

Make it attainable

4.Make it attainable. When a goal is foreseeably accomplishable, we feel relief.
That a victory is known as easy to accomplish, however difficult it may be, brings self-confidence.
For a goal to be attainable means that it is easily or somewhat easily achieveable.

Make it realistic

5.Keep it realistic. By realistic I mean that it is real enough to you and your resources and sources.
That it is within the realm of your reality to accomplish. Goals that are reality worthy are achieved nicely.

Make it timely

6.Make it Timely. By this I mean within a deadline that is reasonable enough and comfortable enough to work within. Timely can also mean that it is not ridiculously over timed to loaf way the time you a lot your self the accomplishment.

These 3 things may aid you in achieving your goals

   What three things are helpful in accomplishment?

Resource, plan, and action.


Gathering what you have in order to accomplish a goal. Resources can be something like a renewable source. Something that can be used again and again. Assets that replenish your efforts are so valuable. Resources are really good capital in going forward about your goal. Such assets as a passive income, gardens, farms, are priceless. Having capital in more then one area in order to accomplish these goals can be extremely helpful. 


Plans are vital in order to implement what could win you your goal.  A worthy strategy goes very far.
Having a well founded procedure paves a very smooth road on our way to achieving a goal.
A plan can be anything which contains a series of steps in accordance with the end result.
A strategy to go about this is to Imagine the end result and think of the steps needed in order to accomplish that goal.


Action here can be defined as the movement or steps that are to be taken in order to achieve.
The steps you take are to be kept in mind. Movements that lead up to your goal are vital components in accordance with accomplishment. Goal-Oriented steps that make progress will forge your path.
It would be wise to keep it simple, keep it measureable, keep it attainable, realistic, and timely.
This procedure itself will keep your achievement possible and eventually tangible.

                                                                                                       This is Edd Blue
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

One thing you could know about saving time.

                  What is there to know about time saving?

                          How becoming aware of spare hours is good.

Minutes go by and there just seems to be no end in sight.
spare time is achievable. When there is nothing left to do in a day e find more time to relax.
time consciousness drains throughout the hours and it becomes tiresome.

                                There is hope.

There is an awareness of how time  passes. There is a certain way to go about your time.
In order to build more free time, you must pile all of your tasks into physical groups of tasks.
Example, phone calls is one. meetings another. writing task yet another,etc,etc.

                               There is a catch.

Accomplishing these groups of tasks one at a  time according to a percentage makes it powerful.
lets say you have ten hours in a day with work. break it up into chunk percentages.
2 hours=20%. 1.5 hours=15%.etc,etc. 
This technique could save you much time. This will build you up a much sparing supply of minutes and hours in  a day.

                                  lovely isn't it?

                               some food for thought no doubt,
                                                                              This is Edd Blue. :)