Friday, August 19, 2016

1 technique that may help with your mind

 1 tip that may help with your mind.

                      what is this one tip that may help with mentality?

Did you know that there is a way for your mind to aid itself in cloakin cloaking itself in better stability?
That is a good thing. The mentality is usually battling to keep itself safe. What a way to combat through this all yah? There is lots of good in the mentality though.

So what could this be?

This could be the one thing that makes it or breaks it, in a lot of situations.
A type of way to know how well your techniques are doing what they got to.
Ya know how strong you are from it from time to time.
In some ways it may support your ability to keep yourself alright.

Here it is:

The way to do this is imagining the scope of your transparency of your body your mind your energy, things like that. This may take time to master. Take your time with it. This becoming start imagining being one with your environment.