Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What to know when self-intending

     What to know when self-intending.

So are there things to have awareness of when planning?

There are a couple things to have in mind.
In order to really be knowledgeable of such things there are these things to be aware of:
1. That knowing the steps it takes for your intention to pan out, you need to know the steps inwardly first.
2. That in order to be successful with your blueprint of action you must be able to bring it into the outer world with action.

Is this all I need to know in order to succeed self wise?

    Yes and no, yes in that you can succeed with consistancy. 
Now if no effort is undertaken, consistant effort with your plan, nothing could possibly come of it.
Now when persistant effort is betaken with inward steps outwordly with patience, it blooms into success. This has been the case with everyone since that morning light started showing its butthole to us long time, long time ago.

How and what is the key then?

In T Harv Eckers book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he states a wealth principle perfectly explaining this, which is as follows pertaining to plans and self-intending:

"The key from the inner world to the outer world is action."

Means literally if you can actually mentally visualize steps you can take to a goal you have your plan pie made for you and you have something like a hop skip and a jump away for your goals accomplishment made fruity, and deliciously achieved, let me repeat it in another way for you:

"Action is the key from the inner world to the outer world."

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