Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Ways you can speak better,

What 5 ways can you speak better?

There are unique paths to communication that allow more ease with how you speak.

The five w's of good articulate communication:
The five w's of speaking nicer are a set mental search questions that I have thought about throughout the years. The five w's are:Who,Where,When,What, and Why.
Here is the breakdown of how they apply to better communication.

1. Who.

Knowing and considering who you will and are going to speak to is essential in knowing what needs to be spoken of. When you know who you are in need of addressing, Important or needed, it is wise to know exactly who you will be speaking and communicating with. Knowing who it is and a little background experience is wise in order for good communication to be brought about.


The second w is Where. Considering the environment where you and a person or group of people will and are communicating can greatly influence the road you and your group or person will effectively know what is being spoken. The path in this way is that a solitary area provides more privacy and therefore people can open up easier with communication. Be it a group or another person, this aids in more well spoken exchange of info and more well mapped out communication.


Knowing when a good time to get your message across with a group or another person is vital in knowing the path to take for more receptivity in communication. Nicer times are easier to articulate your message. Everyone has a time to listen and a time to work. Knowledge of a good time to speak is essential.


The ability to know what message to get across at the end of a conversation is helpful in succeeding with your communication. Knowing what you need to speak about before you speak is very         important.The what and knowledge of communicating is good.important in many such debates as with groups of people and another person, be it very 


Purpose. Knowing your purpose in communicating will be of utmost need for success.
purpose can be defined as your "why" of speaking to someone in the first place.
a reason for bringing about a conversation is vital in succeeding in your communication.
Therefore the 'Why" is important.

                                                           -This is Edd Blue.
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