Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 ways to interpret aphorisms

      3 ways to interpret aphorisms.

            What are those three ways to understand wise sayings.

1. Understand an aphorism objectively. What does it mean to people and yourself and your higher purpose. There is a way to know what something means in every ones life.  How does a wise quote apply to you in your modern life.

2. Understand it subjectively. Interpret it internally.
What does it mean to you. How does your heart react to different aphorisms?

Listen with your inner ear.
How many more truths and secrets you can hear.
 Your hearts hold many truths and secrets of the universe.

3. Figure it out its spiritual meaning. Kind of a tough one. Ask your heart. Your spirit. Etc.etc.
Through asking ones spirit guides and internal guides one could know what the spiritual  meaning is.
elsewise know as your guardian angels. or ask your spirit and just listen within.